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mediasoup-client v3 Installation

Install mediasoup-client within you client application:

$ npm install mediasoup-client@3 --save


mediasoup-client is written in JavaScript ES6 plus CommonJS. This is: it uses require() and module.exports internally.

This makes it work in the browser by properly using browserify, webpack or similar tools, and also in Node.js (which does not yet implement ES6 import/export) . It's up to the application developer to decide how to integrate mediasoup-client into his client side application.

mediasoup-client does not provide any bundled, minified and/or ES5 transpiled single file. There are tools out there to do that if your application needs it.

Depending on how your web application loads libraries (for example, by using a JavaScript module loader) your may need to use one of the following ways to load mediasoup-client:

import * as mediasoupClient from "mediasoup-client";
const mediasoupClient = require("mediasoup-client");