$ npm install mediasoup
$ cargo add mediasoup

Powerful SFU

Due to its versatility, performance and scalability, mediasoup becomes the perfect choice for building multi-party video conferencing and real-time streaming apps.

It features simulcast, SVC, transport BWE and many more cutting edge features.

Node.js module or Rust crate

Instead of creating yet another opinionated server, mediasoup can be used as Node.js module or Rust crate which can be integrated into a larger application.

mediasoup provides a low level API that enables different use cases up to your application.

Client side libraries

mediasoup comes with mediasoup-client (JavaScript library) and libmediasoupclient (C++ library) for building applications that run in any browser or device by using an unified API.

Or just use well known software such as FFmpeg or GStreamer.