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libmediasoupclient v3 Installation


Get libwebrtc

libmediasoupclient makes use of libwebrtc. Follow the official instructions to build it and make sure the branch m73 is checked-out and compiled.

Future versions of libmediasoupclient will include a more recent version of libwebrtc. For now, m73 branch is required.

Get libmediasoupclient

Get the libmediasoupclient sources via git and check-out the branch v3:

$ git clone
$ cd libmediasoupclient/
$ git checkout v3


Within the libmediasoupclient/ folder:

$ cmake . -Bbuild \

# Compile libmediasoupclient.
$ make -C build/ # or: cd build/ && make

# Optionally install it in the system.
$ make install -C build/
# or:
$ cd build/ && make install

Depending on the host, it will generate the following static lib and header files:

-- Installing: /usr/local/lib/libmediasoupclient.a
-- Up-to-date: /usr/local/include/mediasoupclient/mediasoupclient.hpp

Building Flags

Argument Type Description Required Default
LIBWEBRTC_INCLUDE_PATH Path libwebrtc include path. Yes  
LIBWEBRTC_BINARY_PATH Path libwebrtc binary path. Yes  
MEDIASOUPCLIENT_LOG_DEV Bool Enables MSC_LOG_DEV C++ macro. See Logger. No false
MEDIASOUPCLIENT_LOG_TRACE Bool Enables MSC_LOG_TRACE C++ macro. See Logger. No false

Linkage Considerations

The application is responsible for defining the symbol visibility of the resulting binary. Symbol visibility mismatch among different libraries will generate plenty of linker warnings such us the one below:

ld: warning: direct access in function 'webrtc::I010Buffer::Rotate(webrtc::I010BufferInterface const&, webrtc::VideoRotation)'
from file '/Users/jmillan/src/webrtc-checkout/src/out/m73/obj/libwebrtc.a(i010_buffer.o)'
to global weak symbol 'void rtc::webrtc_checks_impl::LogStreamer<>::Call<>(char const*, int, char const*)::t'
from file '../libmediasoupclient.a(PeerConnection.cpp.o)' means the weak symbol cannot be overridden at runtime.
This was likely caused by different translation units being compiled with different visibility settings.

In order to avoid such warnings make sure the corresponding visibility compilation flags are provided. For example, if libwebrtc was built with hidden symbol visibility, libmediasoupclient needs to be provided with the correspoinding compilation flag:

cmake . -Bbuild \


Once installed include the library into your C++ application:

#include "libmediasoupclient/mediasoupclient.hpp"

And add the libmediasoupclient static library to your C++ project.

The libmediasoupclient API is exposed under the mediasoupclient C++ namespace. The library also exposes the nlohmann::json C++ namespace.

The C++ application should also include the required libwebrtc headers.